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The world is going through a big energetic shift to a new consciousness. Clearing old wounds from past lives and the current life allows our souls to make this transition. Whilst deeper wounds may need specialist help, there are many techniques that can be used to clear other aspects stopping us from being happy and fulfilled. This talk will explore tools that can be used to clear our energy field, techniques to help break unhelpful repetitive patterns, manifesting the future we want, and tips to help move through confusion to the new consciousness.

Andy Tomlinson is a psychology graduate, psychotherapist, regression therapist and Director of Training for the Past Life Regression Academy. He is the author of the books, Healing the Eternal Soul and Exploring the Eternal Soul. He is known for his absorbing and entertaining talks.

Wissam Awad is a hypnotherapist, regression therapist, and between live spiritual regression therapist. He is an international trainer for the Past Life Regression Academy.

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